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WordPress SEO Services

As one of the main website builders for companies, WordPress requires an expert’s touch to make an impact with your customers. When it comes to WordPress SEO services, you need a professional team to take care of everything “under the hood” to optimize your WordPress site to gain maximum visibility. With over 15 years of experience in the digital marketing and web development industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about building a business’s online presence. Here’s what we do for you.

Keyword Research

We have marketers in our team that are solely responsible for finding the most effective and best keywords for your website. We carefully curate lists of keywords that take into account monthly searches, your competitors and profitability. Wave Digital works with you to extensively research high opportunity keywords to build a long-term foundation that optimizes new and existing content. Every good WordPress SEO strategy should implement strong keywords that drive more traffic to your company website.

Content Optimization

Once we’ve compiled a tailored keyword list for your WordPress website, our SEO and content teams evaluate your site’s webpages and blog posts so we can optimize your content to leverage more search engine traffic. On-page SEO happens to be a specialty of ours, we collaborate with you to develop new layouts and enhance snippets to increase click-through rates that inevitably increase your bottom line. It doesn’t stop there, a solid content strategy involves more than keywords; we implement curated meta tags, FAQ rich snippets and HTML table of contents.

Google Maps

Let’s face it, Google is the most commonly used search engine in the entire world, so we focus on optimizing your WordPress SEO through Google’s local search ranking factors. Local SEO and geo-targeted landing pages provide a rich experience for local buyers that can clearly see your business in the top three of Google My Business. Whether you operate from a single location or multiple, our SEO team will input your company data across directories across the internet to make you rank higher in Google Maps and search engine page results (SERPs).

Google Search Console

During your WordPress website’s architecture evaluation, we’ll have likely picked up on a few errors. We fix sitemap, mobile, indexing and any security flaws that can find in Google Search Console. We want to give you the best WordPress SEO services available, so we also fix crawl errors to ensure that your company’s ship is sailing smoothly.

Yoast Optimization

One of the most important aspects of a lucrative WordPress SEO campaign is to configure Yoast. We ensure that optimal settings are implemented; everything from the Search Appearance tab, Webmaster tools and social metadata. We go beyond getting those green lights on Yoast, our on-page SEO is driven by years of technical expertise and experience. Also, Wave Digital isn’t about the “secret sauce”, if you have any questions or need a little training to use Yoast yourself, we can do screen sharing sessions to provide you with those skills.

Growth Centric Reporting

Google Analytics and Search Console enable us to provide metrics and comprehensive reports for your WordPress SEO marketing campaign. Learn all about your website’s visitors to create buyer personas and holistic marketing campaigns that take the entire customer journey into account. Our SEO analytics reporting can help you to achieve your marketing goals and maximize your return on investment (ROI) through detailed customer analysis, cost per acquisition reporting and growth projections.

Wave Digital can help you gain more website visitors and pump up your customer pipeline through WordPress SEO services. Get in touch for a free consultation.

Why choose Wave Digital

At Wave Digital, we put the companies we partner with at the center of everything we do. From building your online presence to boosting your conversions, we bring in real traffic to scale your business through digital lead generation.


When you grow, we grow — we use trackable and measurable digital methods to ensure you generate more brand exposure, online traffic and conversions.

High Quality Links

Spammy backlinks are a bad investment, we scale your marketing by only using premium backlinks for our link-building.

Live Chat Support

Need a little help? Talk to us 24/7 through our live support and we’ll be able to answer all of your questions.


Our optimization team consistently evaluates your campaign, makes necessary changes and always keeps you in the loop with ROI-centric reporting.