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White Label SEO

There will be tough times when your agency hits the wall — either because of a lack of human resources, difficulty in executing tasks beyond your expertise, or monthly revenue that seems to have flattened. When you reach that wall and stagnation wraps around your agency, it’s going to be hard to scale. This is where white label search engine optimization comes in, and why it has become so popular in recent years.

What is White Label SEO?

A combination of white labeling and SEO services, White Label SEO (also known as Private Label SEO), is a partnership between a company and a service provider where the marketing agency will promote your products and services like their own — and because everything is done under your agency’s brand name, your clients have the impression that you’re behind the fulfillment.

Is White Label SEO worth it in 2020?

Customers are more sophisticated than ever — they realize that they need marketing and development services, which can meet all their needs and expectations. Some agencies focus on other core competencies; however, it is essential to have a white label SEO agency to become full-service and win clients who want an “All under one roof” type of agency.

White label SEO outsourcing gives highly skilled SEO professionals a job and enables them to build relationships with other companies, making it possible for them to have even more projects in the long run; meanwhile, the resellers can concentrate on other essential things such as attracting new clients as their primary concern.

Also, these companies tend to devote their time to thinking about new marketing strategies, spend more time evaluating their workforce, and a chance to focus on their core competencies.

That being said, is it definitely worth it and beneficial to both the reseller and the white label SEO service provider.

What are the Benefits of Working with a White Label SEO Agency?

If you’re still not convinced that white label SEO is a great option, here are a few more benefits that private label SEO can bring to the table:

1. Access to the Right Tools

SEO is a technical process. Working with a white label SEO agency means that you get access to paid SEO tools without committing to the exorbitant monthly fees. SEO specialists pay for better tools such as APIs and SEO research tools, and also have superior skills to these tools and know precisely how to get the most out of them.

It takes years of experience to understand how technical SEO audits can be carried out and to make the necessary changes. Like any industry, the professional who dedicates all of their time to mastering one skill is going to be more proficient than someone with a basic understanding of multiple skills.

2. Improved Scalability

White label SEO enhances the scalability of your brand by a significant amount. You’ll need to expand with more clients coming to hire you for your services. Private label SEO services allow you to concentrate on expansion to boost your strengths.

Think of this as an extension of your company — you’ll be able to enhance the uniqueness of your brand, while the white label SEO service provider you outsource will compliment you, covering the areas you lack.

Meanwhile, SEO agencies can develop to specialize in more SEO branches. Diversifying SEO specializations helps you to draw more clients in the long run. Nevertheless, the critical advantage of this is the growth of the business.

3. White Label SEO is Cost-Effective

Compared to the standard prices in the SEO market, white label SEO is much cheaper. This is because most private label SEO agencies don’t brand their finished projects. Having no brand makes it more affordable, just needing to pay for their services.

Also, you have the option to rebrand the finished output as your own. This gives you the opportunity of selling it at a higher price to your customers. This is one of the hidden benefits of this form of SEO; you get to control the prices that your clients see.

4. Efficiency

Dividing your SEO team to work on a specific area of the project not only can get tasks completed in a shorter amount of time but also allows you and your partner to be able to execute more SEO strategies and campaigns, resulting in more leads, higher conversion rates, and better user experience. This can also impress a lot of your clients, thus leading to more project recommendations.

What Should I Expect to be Done For my SEO Clients With White Label SEO Services?

Not all private label SEO services are created on an equal basis — nor should they be. Some of them specialize in local SEO, others in link building. Some do content marketing, and others won’t. Sometimes you’ll have SEO services that incorporate social media and social media marketing services, while others shy away from it.

Make sure you discuss before jumping into a partnership. That said, here are the fundamentals of what you would expect to have achieved for your clients with a white-label SEO provider:

  • SEO Strategy – An excellent white-label provider like us can be able to customize campaigns based on client specific needs.
  • On-page Optimization – On-page SEO needs to be part of every strategy as a way of providing the best results to your clients — from simple site-wide page title and meta-data optimization to a strong foundation of technical SEO to more in-depth page-specific optimizations.
  • Link Acquisition and Link Building – Some providers put a significant emphasis on links while others won’t. Here at The Wave Digital, they are a crucial piece of the puzzle — but work in tandem with everything else on the basis of what the competition is doing.
  • Content Support – This is where many white-label SEO providers may also differ. Some provide a limited amount of content creation; others can only do optimizations and improvements to existing content, while others will create complete content marketing strategies and produce consistent content, which mostly depends on their SEO approach. The Wave Digital provides content creation as it relates to the success of a campaign (if a particular page needs another 500 words to perform better in the SERPs – we’re on it!), and supports content marketing with blog post-idea generation based on keyword research.
  • Communication and transparency – It’s a red flag if you’re working with a partner that doesn’t tell you who’s on their team, how their SEO approach is like, or what they’re doing on a month to month basis. Here, we share all of our strategy and deliverables with our partners. That said, we respect the fact that the end-clients don’t need to be bogged down with every technical detail or minor change — as it may raise more questions than it’s worth. But you as the partner should know every step of the way.

Support your business with our white label SEO programs. Get the workforce you need without hiring new in-house staff and provide clients with on-going link building, blog outreach, local citation building services, on-page SEO, technical website optimization, and customized SEO reports. We make it easy for you to resell wholesale SEO services in one sleek dashboard. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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