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What to Do Before Investing in SEO

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Let’s face it – if you want your business to succeed, you need an SEO campaign. But even so, how can you be sure that the investment is one that is worthwhile? Could there be limitations or fundamental issues to fix before you even start? It can be a frustrating experience to waste your time and money on an unsuccessful campaign, so make sure you develop your action-plan prior to the investment!

Choose the right platform.

This may sound obvious, but have you made sure that you’re actually prepared for the changes? Whether you outsource your work to an SEO agency or do it yourself, you need a site that can handle these modifications! When choosing your website platform, consider an open-source CMS (content management system.) This type of platform has a source code that is readily available for developers to modify and update accordingly, which Is recommended. Open source platforms will often come with a wide range of helpful and ready to use plugins, there for you to make life easier. No one wants the added nuisance of having an uncooperative platform.

Traffic + Conversions = Success!

While attracting quality traffic to your website is important, you should aim to turn the visits into something tangible, something you can work with. This is where these visitors are converted into leads. This can be difficult as many users do not wish to give out their contact information. This can occur for a number of reasons, but often stems from a lack of trust between the consumer and the business or simply a lack of desire from the user to further interact with your company. Things such as free offers, discounted subscriptions and perks (post-registration) can be implemented. To help build consumer confidence your website should also be secure, giving peace of mind to any visitor that they can browse and complete transactions with your business safely.

Quality content is vital.

Implementing sophisticated content into your site is a fantastic way to draw a targeted audience. With intriguing, insightful content that is relevant to your business, as heavily mentioned in Google’s own Webmaster Guidelines, you will bolster your SEO campaign. It is important to consider what someone looking for your “resource” would be searching for. Concise titling and including keywords or phrases at the start of your title also helps. With good quality content, ranking for your target keywords will be far easier.

Suss out your competitors.

Depending on your industry, you will face different levels of competition when it comes to SEO. If you want to surpass your competitors, it is a great idea to do an analysis of the companies which grip the top dozen search rankings for your target keywords. At this point, you should consider how realistic it will be for you to reach and overtake them. You should ask yourself will your website outshine others? If your website succeeds in driving more traffic is your content and user experience good enough to increase conversions?

How thick is your wallet?

So, you’ve done the research and chosen to invest in an SEO campaign. Fantastic! Now, make sure you budget and know how much you can spend and how long for. Will you be doing the work in-house or would you be more comfortable outsourcing to a professional agency? What costs will be incurred in doing business through your site?

When considering all the factors involved in investing in an SEO strategy, the crucial question is this: will it bring a positive ROI (return on investment)? With prior strategic planning and wise investment, your business fares a far better chance of success in the SEO arena.

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