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Think about this: You’ve got a client who asks for SEO services, and because you don’t want to lose the client and the sale, you agree to provide your client with these services. But in the back of your mind, you are certain you don’t have enough SEO expertise. However, you still think you can figure it out.

After a few months of trial and error, nothing seems to work. Your client starts to get frustrated and lose patience, and your team appears to be unhappy and uncomfortable with what you are asking them to do. This is because they are not SEO experts in the first place.

This is what most agencies and freelancers encounter today – either providing SEO services without a real understanding of how it functions or wasting time learning SEO instead of concentrating on their core competencies. You don’t have to go through such a tedious process, and no, you don’t have to turn down the offer from your client. Fortunately, there are SEO resellers like us who can help you outsource the entire search engine optimization process to trusted experts. This gives you not only more time to get new clients, but also to deliver your best work.

What is an SEO Reseller?

An agency that specializes in search engine optimization and white label its services to other agencies is known as an SEO Reseller.

SEO resellers can help you deliver SEO services to your customers without necessarily hiring in-house SEO experts. The reseller ensures all the search engine optimization is taken care of, while you pocket the profits. This is ideal for web designers, digital marketers, consultants, and agencies requiring top Google rankings for their clients.

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SEO Reseller

An SEO Reseller Program That Blends Within Your Marketing Process.

You shouldn’t take lightly the decision you make when choosing an SEO reseller partner. Our SEO reseller program is designed to blend into your current marketing process. Whether you’re looking for full-service SEO solutions or searching for an SEO partner that can fill the gaps in your ongoing marketing process, we have a program you can leverage starting today.

Here at The Wave Digital, we don’t just do keywords and audits. We approach search engine optimization with the best-in-class strategies and go well beyond using integrated engagement techniques that put you and your client’s website to the top of the search results and, more importantly, drive conversions.

What SEO Reseller Services can Your Clients Expect?

The Wave Digital provides an extensive range of white label organic SEO services for your clients, including the following:

  • SEO Strategy – Our excellent SEO Reseller services can be able to customize campaigns based on your client’s specific needs.
  • On-page Optimization – On-page SEO needs to be part of every strategy as a way of providing the best results to your clients — from simple site-wide page title and meta-data optimization to a strong foundation of technical SEO to more in-depth page-specific optimizations.
SEO Reseller
  • Keyword research and analysis- Keyword research is another service, which is designed to find high-ranking keywords in your industry and then adding them to the content and copy of the business. We’ll also develop a winning keyword strategy for your clients.
  • Link Acquisition and Link Building – Link building services include enhancing and increasing backlinks, fixing or deleting broken links, and introducing guest blogging. Some providers put a significant emphasis on links, while others won’t. Here at The Wave Digital, they are a crucial piece of the puzzle — but work in tandem with everything else based on what the competition is doing.
  • Content creation and optimization – We pride ourselves on our excellent in-house content creation and copywriting team that will provide dedicated and consistent content creation and optimization services by creating a custom content marketing strategy.
  • Local SEO – We offer specialized SEO services, including optimizing Google Places page, building citations, and more to make an impact on their local market.
  • Communication and transparency – To work with an SEO reseller partner that doesn’t tell you who’s on their team, how their SEO approach is like, or what they’re doing on a month to month basis is a red flag. At The Wave Digital, we share all of our strategies and deliverables with our partners. That said, we respect the fact that the end-clients don’t need to be bogged down with every technical detail or minor change — as it may raise more questions than it’s worth. But you as the partner should know every step of the way.
SEO Reseller

Contact us for Powerful SEO Reseller Programs that Deliver Results.

Support your business with our SEO reseller programs. Get the workforce you need without hiring new in-house staff and provide clients with ongoing link building, blog outreach, local citation building services, on-page SEO, technical website optimization, web design, search engine marketing, and customized SEO reports that will make the difference for your clients, and allow you to deliver outstanding value in all SEO services.

We take complete responsibility for all results so that you can fulfill the needs and expectations of your clients. Our superior expertise is unmatched, and this allows us to operate as more than just an outsourcing provider as we are a white label SEO partner.

We make it easy for you to resell wholesale SEO services in one sleek dashboard. Contact us today for a free consultation.