6 Link-Building Strategies Franchises and Corporate Should Team Up On

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Link-building accounts for 46% of any site’s rise to the top of Google searches. It is essential to the success of any online marketing campaign. It helps give franchisees greater online visibility and boosts their branding and image.

Big franchises and corporations should go big on their link-building campaigns. Most importantly, they should consider teaming up, as this would make their campaigns easier and generate better results on Google.

Following is an overview of 6 link-building strategies that corporations and franchisees should team up and leverage.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Online businesses that blog regularly generate about 97% more inbound links compared to companies that don’t. They also get about 55% more visitors, as a result. Guest blogging — posting blogs on other websites — generates even better results.

Strategic guest blogging goes beyond just posting blogs on other websites. It involves seeking out ideal candidates for your blogs. And, as a franchise, ideal candidates include other respectable and popular franchises and key players (such as sites that review merchandise in your industry) in the market. Study each candidate’s metrics and pay particular attention to their audiences.

It is advisable to reach out to sites you identify as good candidates before you start posting. Persuade them to post your guest blog on their social media pages to reach more people.

Link Reclamation Outreach

Popular brands like yours are the topics of many online conversations, ranging from forums to images. These uncredited brand mentions offer excellent direct opportunities to create more link-building campaigns that are spread out widely on the internet. Your brand could be mentioned thousands of times on online platforms with a global reach, including by other franchises that you can team up with!

You can keep track of every time your brand is mentioned online by setting up monitoring tools such as Google Alerts. You can also find out how many times your brand has been mentioned in the past using a simple search on Google. There are many ways to dig up old logs, but this strategy by Ahref is the easiest.

Not all mentions of your brand will be positive, expectedly. As such, go over the individual mentions and pick only positive ones from authoritative platforms, including other franchises willing to play ball. Get in touch with your final candidates and persuade them to integrate hyperlinks into their content.


Infographics take complex topics and colorfully simplify them. Given an option between reading an article and going over an infographic, most people would choose the latter.

Using infographics for link-building is not much different from strategic guest blogging. You should start by scouting for ideal sites to post your infographics and remember to perform your due diligence. Have your infographics ready with links leading back to your site strategically embedded in the content.

Infographics are especially popular on social media — they attract a lot of views and generate many organic shares, just like ordinary images do. As such, focus your attention on getting on your associates’ social media sites.

P.S. Infographics are not as common as guest blogs. You will need to make your infographics enjoyable to convince other sites to take them. Give them a generic approach that will not impose on the generosity of your guest platforms.

Forum Posting

One of the other online content more engaging than an insightful article is an honest conversation. People go to forums looking for answers or seeking to share some of their knowledge. As a franchise, many people would like to get your input on different topics.

Posting on forums is easy and enjoyable — it is just like chatting on social media. Many forums are discussing your franchise’s particular merchandizes and related products, and you would be a welcome guest on many of them. Join these forums and get in on the conversation. Answer members’ questions and try to get their insight on issues regarding your company and merchandise.

The trick to link-building on forums is being conspicuous about how you insert the links. Don’t make it obvious or else members will think that you are just out to profit, in which case your posts will be unwelcome.

Conference Sponsorship

Virtual conferencing is growing in popularity. Franchises often use it to connect with associates and audiences halfway across the world in real-time. These conferences are attracting bigger and bigger audiences, and they are opening up a new online marketing platform that includes link-building.

There are two ways to use conferences for link-building: being an active member of the conference or sponsoring one. Your brand will get more exposure either way.

Virtual conferences target three categories: local markets, industries, and target audiences. Sponsoring conferences on local markets and target audiences will expose your brand to more potential customers, while industries will increase exposure to potential associates.

Scholarship Offers

Nothing endears a big brand more than its show of concern and philanthropy, and offering scholarships for students also makes for a good link-building campaign. Many businesses have realized this, and it is actually a growing trend.

Education institutes are usually assigned .edu and .gov URLs. These URLs are considered highly authoritative by Google and other search engines, so they rank better than ordinary URLs. This is part of the reason why many businesses are sponsoring students online, as getting an excellent back-link on these domains makes their brands rank high on Google.

Offering scholarships may be (expensive) than most link-building campaigns, but it is also easy and rewarding. All you have to do is create a scholarship application page on your website and reach out to reputable educational institutions.

Link-Building is All about Quality

Link-building campaigns in the past involved cramming as many links as possible in content. Today, link-building is geared more towards quality than quantity.

The trick is to make everything surrounding your link-building campaign credible. This means writing engaging articles, creating enjoyable infographics, and engaging in high-value virtual conferences, among other things. As such, put these tips into practice and team up with organizations that will make your brand look good.

We can help you develop successful link-building campaigns that will push your website to the top of Google’s search list. Get in touch today to learn more about our services. We will be happy to walk you through it!