Wave Digital Can Help You Grow Through COVID-19

covid 19 and seo

Times are tough out there, with a steady decline in B2B and B2C products and services, it’s difficult to know who’s currently in business.  

Helpful SEO Insights During the COVID-19 Outbreak

According to a report by Orbit Media, 37 percent of surveyed agencies stated that Coronavirus has had a slightly negative impact on their demand for services. The same report shows that demand for paid search has declined by 25 percent, SEO by 18 percent and lead generation by 17 percent.  

Many companies anticipate a recession, therefore are reducing company spend and marketing budgets are being trimmed. Most retainer-based services have been hit the hardest as brands aren’t seeing ROI during this crisis. 

What You Can Do to Grow Business During COVID-19

The scarcity of products and services means that buyers are searching now more than ever. As a company that specializes in organic search, we’ve seen organic traffic dip in industries like construction, advertising, manufacturing and the worst hit is the travel industry. 

Certain industries have seen increases in traffic during the global pandemic. Meaning, there’s been an increase in search queries based around companies in finance, food, healthcare and media.

In order to grow business in the world’s current circumstances, it’s important to connect with buyers without exploiting their fear. Communicating with customers is more essential now than ever to develop long-standing relationships, instead of a quick buck. Marketing strategies and spend need to be allocated with a customer-centric focus. 

How Our SEO Team Can Help

We understand that creating marketing strategies and allocating marketing budgets for the foreseeable future is a stretch for many companies at the moment. 

At Wave Digital, we can boost your organic rankings to ramp up your website’s visitors, bring in leads and ultimately drive buyers towards conversion. 

SEO is more than keywords, you need a complete strategy to boost your organic rankings. In harsh times, people still need products and services, making it more vital than ever to implement a solid SEO strategy ahead of the competition. There’s no reason that your business can’t thrive during this time and stay in the public’s eye.

We use whitehat SEO strategies like content auditing and a custom link building campaign that provides backlinks on premium sites like CNN, Forbes and Entrepreneur.

We’re open for business and here to help you through this difficult time. Contact us today for a consultation.

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