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Custom SEO Audit & Strategic SEO Strategy for Your Website

SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies for bringing in traffic, building a brand, and generating leads and sales. But we often see businesses focus on the wrong things. They put too much emphasis on traffic without considering what keywords are important to them. They create content simply to fill their keyword pages. They try to build as many links as possible.

These are all common mistakes that get you nowhere. Many SEO companies use these outdated approaches and only end up disappointing their clients. As a leading digital marketing agency that has created many successful campaigns for our clients, we start with the fundamentals to set up our clients for SEO success. Then we focus on creating an effective and efficient strategy to build a winning SEO campaign. And from there, we get into the technical side of things.

Here’s our four-step process we use to build out our campaigns:

SEO Audit
The first step of the process is to understand where you stand. You can’t build a successful SEO campaign if you aren’t aware of the mistakes you’re making and what you can improve on. We will audit your website to help you build a strong foundation, make the necessary improvements, and optimize it for success. The auditing process will also identify what you’re doing right and take steps to enhance your successes.

Keyword Research
You need to ensure that you’re targeting the right keywords. There’s no point in creating content for topics that nobody is looking for nor for an audience that isn’t profitable to your business. We’ll help you identify the best keywords to build your campaign and content around. Aside from finding the right keywords, we’ll help you strategize which keywords to go for first, which ones to prioritize, and which ones to center campaigns around.

Content Marketing
Content is an essential part of SEO. You need to create content for your keyword-optimized pages to attract the right visitors. But content creation and marketing isn’t so straightforward. You need to understand keyword intent and align your content with that intent. You need to create content that your audience wants to consume. You also need to make sure the content is of high-quality and is properly optimized for the search engines. And of course, you need to know how to distribute your content to get traffic and links.

Building links is more than just emailing a bunch of webmasters for exchanges and opportunities. You need to figure out what kind of links to go after. You need to analyze the competition and try to reverse engineer their link profile so that you know what you’re up against. You need to emphasize acquiring valuable links. We can help you build the links your website needs for high rankings. We’ll also build your links in a manner that doesn’t get you penalized by Google.

Ready to get started? We can get you the same kind of results that we’ve created for our clients. If you want to succeed with SEO, you want to work with a company that is up-to-date on what’s working today, understands all the technical aspects of SEO, and has a full team that can build and manage your campaign.


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