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DIY SEO, Think Again

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So you’ve decided to invest in SEO. Terrific! But now comes the crucial question – are you going to invest in an agency or handle it in-house?

Why do people choose in-house?

When it comes to your SEO campaign, you may be tempted to take this investment in-house. One might say, keeping it “in the family” is the best approach. This can stem from a lack of trust with an outside agency, over fears that their work will not match the efforts made by those working within the business. Some people also believe that cutting out the middle-man (e.g. an outsourced agency) is a cost-effective solution. But when we consider the funds needed to handle SEO in-house, are you really saving?

In-House SEO = money pit.

When making the decision to invest in SEO, one thing we must consider are the numbers. Generally speaking, the more you invest, the larger the output. So for arguments sake, let’s say you’ve already calculated how much you need to invest based on the likely results. Do you have the capacity to afford a team of skilled professionals? Depending on the size of your company, you may reach the point where you can afford to recruit the “cream of the crop.” Otherwise, you’re looking at a much lower budget.

A low budget SEO campaign often skips corners and misses vital components for a successful outcome. SEO encompasses a wide range of things, from the creative to the technical. It doesn’t take a genius to see how much work goes into a campaign. It includes things such as site maintenance, strategy development, copywriting, outreach and more. The campaign requires skills across a wide variety of sectors – which cries out for skilled professionals to action these roles. If you can’t afford a quality team of people, how will you create a successful SEO campaign? Maybe you’ll try to combat this issue by hiring an SEO “guru.” But even so, it’s an impossible ask to have a single person who’s an expert in everything. SEO contains tons of moving parts. You need a varied skill-set to take on these roles – and do so successfully.

When to outsource.

SEO outsourcing has gained negative connotations in some circles. It can be a little daunting to outsource a crucial area of your marketing. But provided you choose a reputable agency, it will be a cost-effective method. Worldwide, there are people selling SEO services. This doesn’t mean that they offer safe, effective methods though – and the last thing you want is a Google penalty. Hiring somebody for keyword research is a fairly safe choice. Paying somebody to build you links isn’t usually a great idea and can run the risk of receiving a penalty, ending your business’ visibility in search results.

Before you choose to outsource, your understanding of the tasks should at least be basic. After all, you want to be able to judge the quality of their work (whilst also ensuring they aren’t about to hurt your website.)

What now?

The next step is to find a reputable agency of SEO professionals that can match your requirements. If you’re still searching, we welcome you to contact us for an audit.


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