Cannabis SEO

Wave Digital specializes in creating digital marketing solutions for Cannabis businesses. We work with each client to tailor solutions that will drive traffic to their websites, engage customers on social media, and grow their bottom line. We will build your SEO solution in the Cannabis business world to fit the niche that your company occupies. We work with companies throughout the Cannabis business spectrum.

  • Breeding

  • Cultivation

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution

  • Extraction

  • Dispensing

  • Paraphernalia

  • Recreational versus Medicinal Use

  • THC versus CBD

  • Oils, Edibles, Topicals

As this list demonstrates, there are many different business types within the cannabis realm. A company that breeds high-quality strains has a different clientele to sell to than someone who makes and distributes marijuana smoking paraphernalia or a business that promotes the medicinal properties of CBD oil.

Digital Marketing Focused on Your Cannabis Niche

When we work with a client to create the best Cannabis SEO solution for them, the first thing we do is to get to know their business. We learn the technical and slang terms used within that Cannabis niche so that the search terms we use to attract visitors to their websites are designed to create the most traffic from those interested in buying their products and services.

Educating Your Customers about Cannabis

Most of the people who are interested in cannabis products are looking for information first of all. Thus, we recommend site content that is informative and authoritative. Our experience tells us that readers who learn something useful from your website will trust you and will be more likely to proceed to your sales funnel and click one of the options that result in a sale. We create videos and social media content that reinforces this approach. One of our useful services is managing your social media sites so that you can successfully engage customers in search of information about the best products and services and direct them to the products that you offer.

Medicinal Cannabis Products

This is going to be a growing niche in the Cannabis world. Many people have heard that CBD, for example, can be good for you. But, most people do not know the specific benefits of CBD oils and topicals. Our job is to create authoritative and informative content on your website and link it to your sales funnel. By using our SEO skills we will not only bring lots of readers to your website but also readers who are likely to be converted into customers.

Top of the Line Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Cannabis Business

At Wave Digital, we have the skills in digital marketing, HTML, SEO, copywriting, social media and more to promote any product or service. When we work with you, we take the time to learn about your business. Then we apply what we do well to help you sell your products and services. An important part of successful digital marketing is tracking the success of digital marketing efforts for your site. We do that. As Google makes changes in their algorithm, new information becomes available within your niche, or search habits on the internet change, we make the changes to compensate so that you continue to drive traffic to your site and increase your bottom line.