How Does Google Rank Websites?


Wave Digital blog The goal of the online business world is to rank high in Google’s search results. The problem is that the competition to gain these top spots is fierce. It’s estimated that there are more than 200 factors that will determine your ranking, which means that you must jump through many hoops to … Read more

On Page and Off Page SEO Factors

How to Retain SEO Value When Migrating Your Website

Wave Digital blog While SEO can be technically demanding, you can simplify the strategy by dividing into two columns: on page and off page. On-page focuses on the ranking factors that can be optimized on your website.Off-page are the ranking factors that are outside of your website. This includes things like backlinks, references, and more.To … Read more

How to Retain SEO Value When Migrating Your Website

How to Retain SEO Value When Migrating Your Website

Wave Digital blog So, you decided to move your site to a new domain or URL structure. Although migrating a website may be a problem-solving necessity, it ultimately puts your site’s SEO at risk. Avoid SEO nightmares the first time around. Here’s how to retain SEO value when migrating your website. What is a Website … Read more

6 Link-Building Strategies Franchises and Corporate Should Team Up On


Wave Digital blog Link-building accounts for 46% of any site’s rise to the top of Google searches. It is essential to the success of any online marketing campaign. It helps give franchisees greater online visibility and boosts their branding and image. Big franchises and corporations should go big on their link-building campaigns. Most importantly, they … Read more

How to Become an SEO Expert


Wave Digital blog Looking to become an SEO expert this 2020? It may sound overwhelming, but it’s easy to understand when you take the time to find out how search engines work and how you can tailor your content to get it into the top-ranking search results. Although there’s a lot more to SEO than … Read more

What is Index Bloat?

What is Index Bloat? Indexation bloat occurs when Google indexes pages that should not be indexed. In other words, there are too many pages on your site indexed in search engines, wasting limited and valuable resources on irrelevant pages. For example, having your WordPress blog archives, tags, and categories can cause bloat. Additionally, allowing both … Read more

What Makes A Backlink A High-Quality Backlink?

Wave Digital blog If you are looking to establish your business’s online presence, an important tool is search engine rankings. Higher search engine rankings will help you reach more customers and generate more sales. There are many different indicators that search engines use to rank websites. One of the most important involves backlinks. A website … Read more