established in 2017​

Our team has no entry level positions. Rather our staff has been chosen for its expertise, years of experience, and proven success.

The bulk of what we do is not some secret formula (unless attention to detail, hard work and tracking results are secrets).

We do not try any cute tricks to get you ranking on Google largely because today’s cute tricks will be tomorrow’s spam that will get your site blacklisted.

Rather we follow the same 4-step process for all of our work. We have followed this process thousands of times with thousands of clients and with continual success across a large range of business niches.

We do exhaustive keyword research.

Then we map out keywords and content. We optimize your content on the page. And, we build a universe of links that reinforces the authority of your site.

Practical, Results Driven SEO

This is what we are all about, bringing our SEO expertise to bear to make your business a success.

The process by which people find your business on the internet starts with their choice of keyword search terms.

When we choose relevant keywords to use in your content we increase the likelihood your business showing up again and again for searches for your products and services.

And, we increase the odds that the people who click through to your website are folks who are interested in and likely to purchase your products and services.

This is what we mean when we say that we will drive high-quality, high-converting traffic to your website.

At Wave Digital and have the necessary skills and use the latest tools to rank your site. And, we use what we know to get the best results for you.

We look forward to your success.

gary simpson, founder


to provide transparent work to a cloudy industry. keeping clients educated allows us to build partnerships and not customers.


to help grow marijuana related industries using channels of advertising they are restricted to.


  • transparency
  • hard work
  • loyalty
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